What We Do

The Institute of Mentoring runs leadership programmes, assesses talent and potential, coaches and mentors senior professionals. The activities also include ongoing research and publications on the evolution of talent and leadership in the professional services sector.


Leadership programmes are designed to build specific talent and leadership competencies over 6 months.  They are run as one to one programmes and in house programmes in small groups in Paris and London.  They are also run as one to one distance programmes internationally.


The Institute of Mentoring provides Talent Assessments for individuals, teams or organizations.  Talent assessments are diagnostic tools which help identify one’s competencies, behaviours, motivations, and potential.  They can form the basis for greater self-awareness and development.  Each assessment includes an in-depth debrief session and the opportunity to work on a tailored map of an individual development plan.


The Institute of Mentoring briefs, coaches and mentors senior professionals (individually or in teams) on all talent and leadership challenges that they face.