The Institute of Legal Talent & Leadership works in close partnership with legal organizations and individual lawyers to help them develop and implement best practices for managing and leading people.

We research, publish, assess, consult and coach internationally on adapting the leading talent and leadership practices to the specific challenges and mindsets that relate to the practice of law.

Areas that we address through our activities include:

• Leadership development
• Collaboration
• Behavioral change
• Succession planning
• Talent selection & onboarding

The Legal Talent & Leadership Institute was formed in 2013 (as the Institute of Mentoring), following a number of collaborative projects, including the publication of several books (link to the books page) in alliance with the International Bar Association and Globe Law and Business.

Our aim is to gather together the world’s leading legal talent and leadership experts to advance leadership best practices in law.


Each month, the Institute of Legal Talent & Leadership offers a limited number of free introductory consulting sessions in London and Paris.

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