Leadership programmes are designed to build specific leadership competencies over 6 months and are run as both public leadership programmes and one-to-one leadership programmes.

Programmes are tailored to knowledge intensive professionals who feel the need to have new tools and approaches to manage and grow the motivation, performance and potential of their people.
They are also designed for senior professional who want to acquire the skills and ability to grow talent in their organisation through becoming skilled coaches and mentors.

Programmes focus on enabling senior professionals to discover, practice and embed new leadership styles and minsets into their daily work for them to:

  • Manage motivation and engagement 
  • Inspire performance through ongoing feedback
  • Identify individual potential and retain key talent
  • Deal with motivation and performance roadblocks 
  • Coach and mentor to grow individual and collective potential  
Program structure
Our commitment is that the new leadership competencies are acquired for every participant in practice e over a 6 month period. Participants of public programmes are selected at the same level of seniority and benefit from the exchange of experiences and insights.