The Institute of Mentoring works with senior professionals to help them develop the leadership capabilities and mindsets that they need to manage and lead people through becoming skilled mentors and coaches, providing ongoing feedback and opportunities to grow individual and collective talent.

As well as their “producing “role, senior professionals have the challenging responsibility to grow potential in their teams and to foster a culture of individual development but because of the mostly technical nature of their work, many find leadership competencies challenging to build in the course of their day-to-day work.


Our focus is to equip senior professionals with the leadership competencies that they need. To give them the most advanced tools and approaches, and to help them embed leadership behaviours in their practice for them to better develop and retain today‘s professional talent.

By joining the Institute of Mentoring, senior professionals enter a community of pairs and mentors who have developed leadership skills to the highest standard and who all mentor professionals outside their organization.

The Institute of Mentoring was created in London in 2013 and initially worked with organisations and individuals in the legal sector; it now works with other knowledge intensive firms and individuals in consulting, auditing and financial service

By joining one of the programmes, they also benefit from giving access to highly skilled mentors for members of their organization.