Over the last 15 years, coaching has become one of the most used and impactful developmental tools for senior professionals and business leaders. In the legal profession, coaching is no longer a remedial solution, it serves as an accelerator to the development of individual and collective potential.

Our coaches help law firms and lawyers:

• Implement strong leadership practices

• Build cultures that support the growth of their people

• Develop their entrepreneurship and leadership potential

• Improve their competency in over 40 different areas of execution and leadership

We work with lawyers internationally – face to face and virtually – to help business leaders and partners develop best practices for themselves and their teams. With emerging leaders, we help them accelerate the development of their entrepreneurship and leadership potential.

a) Coaching for business leaders and partners

At the senior level, our coaches work with heads of firms, heads of practice and partners to help them engage, develop and lead their people to higher standards.

We begin by raising their awareness of the impact that their leadership style has on the people around them. Then we help them concretely embed the most advanced leadership practices into the ways they grow and retain talent in their teams.

b) Coaching for emerging leaders

We work with emerging leaders to help them assess the breadth and depth of the competencies, motivations and potential that they have in more than 40 functional and leadership areas, then help them build and implement a roadmap for the next step of their development.

Some of the key areas that we evaluate include: business development, client relationship, people skills, ability to collaborate, potential to influence others and many more.